CSC Registration

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CSC Registration

Now you can open own CSC (Digital Seva Kendra) without any type of certificate or exam. *GET ID INSTANT*

अब आप बिना किसी प्रकार के प्रमाणपत्र या परीक्षा के अपना CSC खोल सकते हैं। *तत्काल आईडी प्राप्त करें*

*Attention* You need to pay one time Registration Fee Rs 990 only for lifetime

CSC Registration

It is a simple and easy process to register . Just fill your details and join the CSC Network.


The center provides a range of services 50+ Banking, Bill Payment, online registration, filing of taxes, and applying for government benefits.

Document Required

No need any type of Certificate or exam. Just fill your details and make payment.

Digital Era

The digital era has opened up many new opportunities and possibilities, and it’s no secret that many people are turning to the internet for answers. With Digital Seva Center, we aim to bring these possibilities to rural communities and help bridge the digital divide

CSC initiative that aims to provide employment to citizens living in rural areas. The center provides a range of services including Banking, Bill Payment, online registration, filing of taxes, and applying for government benefits.

CSC Registration

Suppose you want to make money and run a small, secure business. In that case, CSC (Common Service Center) registration is one of the best solutions to make money by running a small company based on your skills, such as being fluent in English, education, entrepreneurship, and computer skills; you can easily make 50,000 to 100,000 per month. But you only have to invest a small amount of capital. CSC registration is availing government benefits by earning a stable income.  


csc registration

What is csc registration?

CSC registration is enrolling as a shared service center by filling out the application form in our website by submitting their documents.
They are showing practical skills and passing their interviews so they can select your level job by analyzing your specification.

A certificate named TEC (Telecommunication Engineering Center: It is the authority in India responsible for certifying telecommunication products by the Mandatory Testing Certification of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE) regulations) has been made mandatory by the CSC e-governance for the candidate who wants to open a CSC center.

With this certificate, a candidate can apply or register for CSC registration. Essential things you should have when you are willing to apply for CSC registration are a 10th-class degree, fluency in English, entrepreneurship, and computer skills.

When you own a center, you will have a digital access point, provide government and non-government services to rural citizens, and control a particular and remote area. And if you want to open a mini-branch of any bank, you must have a CSC ID.
Furthermore, provide services such as Adhaar Card updates, smart cards, etc. CSC e-governance will give you a commission for these services. 

Individuals interested in joining CSC registration must submit an application form with their documents and eligibility criteria.
After successful CSC registration, you will access various digital services such as bill payments, banking services, digital literacy programs, e-commerce, government schemes, etc.

A CSC is a digital access point established in rural and control areas to provide citizens with a wide range of government and non-government services.

It is a beneficial task also for citizens who are efficiently using the digital services of CSC, rather than standing in a queue in front of government offices or tehsil or post-offices to submit their problems through the application and then wait for approval or reply.
Sometimes people submit their applications two or three times cause they are not getting a response or solutions.
It is significant in bringing essential digital services to citizens needing easier access. Also, it is a noble cause to open Common Service Center because it empowers the whole community(rural citizens) to move digitally with digital resources.
CSC registration is crucial in India, bringing digital services closer to the underserved population and contributing to the government’s vision of making a digital India.

Eligibility for CSC registration 

  • A candidate who wants to open a comment service center should be above 18 years old.
  • The candidate’s nationality must be Indian cause government allows the opening of a shared service center whose nationality is Indian causing the government to launch this scheme only to decrease unemployment in India.
  • Some CSC programs see the candidate’s qualifications and skills needed to open CSC (common service center), such as a candidate passing out of 10th grade and have 10 th grade degree who speaks English fluently and knows the basics of computers and entrepreneurship.
  • Candidates who want to open CSC (Common Service Center) have the capital to launch their center.
  • Candidates have a space to do their work correctly and are suitable for CSC; space should be minimum dimensions of 100 to 150 square feet.
  • CSC often requires specific technical infrastructures, such as computers, internet connectivity, printers, scanners, and other equipment. Ensuring that you have the appropriate technology setup is essential.
  • CSC’s programs may require training; before starting their centers, candidates have the proper training to run them readily.

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csc registration

Why CSC Registration is Important?

  • CSC registration stands for Common Services Centers registration; it is important because everyone can grab or participate in government job opportunities.
  • CSC’s registration gives access to government jobs; you can easily avail the government benefits.
  • CSC’s registration offers stable employment with job security, competitive salaries, and other government benefits.
  • CSCs open a wide range of career options in the government sector.
  • Students preparing for government exams to get their secure job and those who didn’t qualify for their entrance exam can see the better option to open Common Service Center and avail of government benefits.
  • CSC’s registration provides a fair and transparent selection process. It helps eliminate bias and nepotism; it promotes equal opportunities for all applicants.
  • Personal growth and development.
  • Ones you pass the selection process, which is easy to pass, it gives you job security and stability you will live without financial struggle.
  • You can access training programs, promotions, and other opportunities within the government sector.
  • In some cases, CSC takes an exam to access knowledge, skills, and abilities for a specific job position. It is in the form of written, practical, or interviews.
  • CSC conducts merit-based selection means a candidate is elected based on their qualification, skills, and performance in exams and interviews.
  • You can enjoy long-term benefits, including retirement plans, health care benefits, and job protection.

CSC registration is applying for eligibility to pursue government job opportunities.

CSC registration opens the door to various job opportunities within the government sector.

CSC registration offers career advancement, job security, and a chance to serve digital services to the public. CSC offers long-term benefits, health care benefits, retirement plans, and job protection. You will be okay with the shortage of money.

CSC also provides exams to assess your knowledge, skills, and abilities for a specific job position, assessment in the form of writing, practicals, or interviews.

In this work, you will see an increment in personal growth and development. For applying for CSC registration, there are some conditions such as the candidate must be above 18 years old, the candidate’s nationality should be Indian, fluent in English, have primary computer and entrepreneurship skills, have some capital to invest, have a proper space of minimum dimensions 100 to 150 square feet, adequate internet connectivity, etc.

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